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IMG_2391I offer Coaching for two target groups:

  • Individuals
  • Managers and employees working in the  international environment
For individuals

Today the requirements of the environment and the expectation of our own personal development are very demanding. Flexibility and constant development have become both a professional and personal challenge. This offers us many opportunities for self-realization.

My coaching activates personal potential and helps you to follow step by step your innermost self. I use proven and strength focused methods such as the MBTI® personality tool, Narrative Coaching, Strength-based Coaching and modules from Soul Coaching®.

Sometimes it only needs a small hint to develop a completely new understanding of the problem or the situation, dissolving inner constraints, recognizing solutions  or for unlocking the full potential.

  • Focusing on career developement, leadership, Work-Life Management, self evaluation, entrepreneural skills
  • Coaching and supporting female expat-partners for their arrival in Germany
Coaching for international cooperation

Successfull business deals are mainly based on good relationships of the persons involved. If trust and understanding is missing business deals are less successful. Same is valid for cross-cultural teams.

The understanding for the own culture and developing an ability to distinguish the differences to other cultures are the key factors for successful cooperations in today’s business world. In individual coaching sessions we concentrate on your topics. In group- or teamcochings the knowledge and the experience of the participants are linked together and integrated in the coaching session.

  • Experts and managers of cross-functional, cross-cultural and virtual teams
  • Teams, groups and single persons for mastering international challenges
  • Team development, groups and individuals on inter-cultural topics